AMES Project

AMES Project

Sport Development (UK) Ltd are excited to offer you a fantastic opportunity for your school with our new project, AMES (Aspire, Motivate, Educate, Success).

AMES is based around offering schools a complete Physical Education experience and develop children holistically whilst enhancing their knowledge about healthy living and physical activity along the way.

All of the areas opposite can be provided individually or together as part of a package and can take place over a day or longer (depending on the number of pupils at your school).
Fitness testing (with data analysis and individual training plans) is advised to take place once every half term so we are able to monitor progress.

For further details/to book a free assembly where will demonstrate how it all works and give your pupils an opportunity to take part in some of the fitness tests please contact us.

AMES will provide you with all / or what you choose from the following:

  • Measurable fitness tests for pupils (data recorded and analysis provided).
  • Fitness tests to improve Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, CoreStability, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Flexibility, Speed and Strength and more...
  • Pupil progress folders with record sheets and individual training programmes provided.
  • Pupil mentoring through sport.
  • Staff CPD and Mentoring (through PE planning and / or lunchtime activities)
  • Healthy Lifestyle advice, including basic nutritional information.
  • Anatomy and Physiology workshops and / or work sheets.
  • Parent - Pupil fitness sessions / healthy lifestyle workshops