Our boys always enjoy their time at SDUK. Quality coaches, quality teaching and fun included, what's not to LOVE!! Thank you SDUK our 1st choice every time.

Mrs Davies, Parent

Kids always come back, saying how much they enjoyed their time, and can't wait to go back, always got new ideas and never a boring day. Thank you

Ref. holiday camps

S. Alom, Parent

My son loves his time at Sport Development all the teachers are great with the boys really encouraging and friendly. He also loves the camps and they are delivered at an amazing price. Thank you sport development. Highly recommended !

L Gray, Parent

My boys absolutely love the SDUK holiday camps, the coaches are great and so much for the boys to do. They can't wait for the next one. thank you!

Chris has been coming in to support our Holiday Club throughout the Summer and the kids have absolutely loved it. We have children of a variety of ages, ranging from 2 - 10 years old, and Chris has kept them all engaged throughout the sessions. Chris has a great way with the children and they have really looked forward to him coming each week! Thanks Chris!

Katie, Cranmore Little Acorns

'Sport Development (UK) Ltd have planned and delivered exceptional quality first teaching across the key stages by enthusiastic highly skilled coaches. Our children have not only thoroughly enjoyed their PE sessions, their skills, stamina and overall fitness levels have also increased. We have been extremely impressed by the level of expertise and professionalism from the coaches. Every lesson is tailored to the individual needs of each class and each child. The coaches have supported teachers in their own development of teaching PE by helping plan sessions and ensuring progression across the key stages. We would recommend Sport Development (UK) Ltd to any school wanting to improve PE provision and development of teacher subject knowledge.'
Deputy Headteacher

Suzanne Hughes, St Osburgs Catholic Primary School

'My son has been training with SDUK for 3 years, and during that time his ability, skill and understanding of the game has increased 110%. He has had the opportunity to play against some high calibre teams and go on "tour". Chris and his team of dedicated coaches continually encourage all of the players and the improvement is there to see. They all have great fun and can't wait for Friday to come for SDUK training. Thank you Chris for all your hard work!'

Nicola Bayliss, Parent

'We have been exceptionally happy with the coaching provided by Sport Development (UK) Ltd. The coaches are very professional and consistent teaching the children discipline as well as football skills. They are very approachable, friendly and are part of the team here at Kineton Green! I would highly recommend them. Keep up the good work guys.'
PE Lead 2015

Liz Rowe, Kineton Green Primary School

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